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In March 2012, we received a grant for 3 years from the Kresge Foundation to expand the work of the Nehemiah Project.  The work of the grant includes the training and certification of 10 individuals in green technology and health homes construction and rehabilitation.  Our current work will be taking us into new areas of exploration and in areas that Community Development Corporations have not ventured. 

Mission of GWCDC:

Working with only volunteers, the existing programs were reworked and expanded. Programs such as AA and NA continue.  The Breakfast Outreach Program, a long time program of the parish, was enhance and began to be advertised.  The advertisement was with flyers and by word of mouth. Currently, this program provides a hot, high quality meal served “family style” to as many as 160 individuals each Sunday morning. In 2011, the Outreach Meal Program served over 12,600 meals.

In recent weeks, there has been an increase of children now utilizing the program. A mid week Lunch is also served, however it does not get the same numbers as the Sunday program lack of funding has prevented us from making a widespread announcement of that program.  Other programs are on-going with emphasis on health, and nutrition as well as Lamaze classes.

We put our focus on the building strategic alliances.  Alliances that could better serve those in need, and enhanced programs and services that GWCDC could offer.  One such alliance is collaboration with other faith-based and community organizations which has given birth to the Storehouse of Hope.

The Storehouse of Hope will open a fully operational food pantry with laundry & shower facilities in the spring of 2010.  This alliance is in partnership with Gleaners Food Bank of Southeast Michigan and the Skillman Foundation.  In addition to a Client’s Choice Pantry, the Storehouse of Hope also operates a Client’s Choice Laudromat, a Clothes Closet and a Hustle for Health Dance Class.

The summer of 2009 GWCDC, we received a Compassion Capital Grant from New Detroit Coalition. With this grant, GWCDC has been involved in increasing and enhancing its organization through leadership development of its board.  One of the most important elements in sustaining an organization is that of effective leadership.  Board governance is important to the accomplishment of the organization’s mission and to the implementation of its strategic plan.

The grant from New Detroit was also used to assist GWCDC in developing new methods of marketing and  establishing a social media perspective.  You will find Greater Woodward Community Development Corporation on FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Please refer to our “Contact Us” page for all necessary information.  And follow us on this Website for testimonial and articles that impact our community and the world as we see it.

In 2008 we received both the Spirit of Detroit Award from the City of Detroit and the Inspired Life Award  from NSO.  We are grateful that as such a young age in our development that our community as well as our peers can recognize the contributions that we are making and the faith that we have in God continuing to guide us for the future.

In 2011, we earned the Community Action Award from Michigan Community Resources, formerly, Community Legal Resources.


Contact Us

Now, we are in need.  We are in need of both financial assistance and volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer to serve a  community that needs a hand, we have several rewarding opportunities, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone 313.872.4750  If you would like to become a donor to enable this work to continue, please use the Donate button.  Or, just put us on your Prayer list.  Thank you for sharing the vision.

Our Mission

To advance the economic opportunities and well-being of underserved men, women and children in urban area. Our strategic focus is Detroit’s North End. Our Strategic Focus is the North End.


 We view the North End as a highly performing, vibrant and sustainable community.