Green Innovation / Solar Farming

In June 2010, GWCDC shifted into gear with its job training program, called the Nehemiah Project.  The program provides training in both construction and deconstruction skills in both classroom and onsite application.  The participants are returning citizens or long term shelter dwellers who are seeking to re-integrate into the community.

The highlight of this summary is our North End Solar Project (NESP) which is being developed as a 2 MW solar farm and will be the first of its kind for the City of Detroit and the largest urban solar farm in our region.  The Alger Block in the North End has been identified as the inaugural site for the development of this project.  Currently, GWCDC owns 4 houses on this block and believes that neighborhood revitalization couple with a strategy to build community ownership and community wealth can be done block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Our partners in this Solar Farming effort is E-Three Labs and the United States Solar and Wind Company who will assist in the building and training of the work force of the Alger Block solar project.  E-Three Labs is a nonprofit organization that trains young, unemployed and displaced workers in the Detroit Metro area for careers in Green Technology through its Solar “Jumpstart” course to assist in reducing unemployment.  United States Solar and Wind Company will provide the solar technology materials for the Alger designated homes and block area.

NESP will serve as a catalyst in the City of Detroit, sparking renewable energy alternatives and become a source of improved living for our community while creating employment opportunity for our residents.

Greater Woodward CDC will be trailblazing the way for Community Development by being the leader in implementing renewable energy technology in a practical and efficient way that impacts not only our environment but our community as a whole.

Carbon Footprint

Our carbon footprint will be reduced with the creation of the Solar Hub on Alger. Over the life of our system 2,825 tons of carbon dioxide (C02) will be eliminated from your footprint.

2,825 Tons of C02 is Equivalent to: Planting 14,125 trees.   OR

Reducing your driving by 5,650,000 auto miles.

In addition to the errection of the Solar Farm, the solar hubs will house 3 separate community based businesses.  These business will be supported and operated by community members.  It is a system of wealth creation.

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