The Storehouse of Hope / The Storehouse of Hope

The Storehouse of Hope is located within the Skillman Foundation Central Woodward- North End Good Neighborhood and the mission of Storehouse aligns with the goals of the Skillman Good Neighborhood.  The aim of the Good Neighborhoods program is to ensure that children experience safe, healthy and high-quality environments where they can thrive: neighborhoods with resources, opportunities and assets for children to develop fully and pursue prosperity.  At the heart of the Storehouse of Hope’s mission is the distribution of emergency food, which strongly supports the Skillman Foundation’s goal by increasing children’s access to a primary need – food.  Children who experience food insecurity suffer from poor nutrition and accompanying health issues; have a difficult time concentrating in school; and are likely to experience high levels of stress and anxiety.

The Storehouse of Hope also aims to increase families’ access to basic support services necessary to reduce recurring stress within households.  A caregiver”s inability to know where food will come from along with the lack of other basic needs, such as housing, transportation and health care, not only produces stress within the family but has a particularly devasting effect on children.  The Skillman Foundation is a primary funder of the Storehouse of Hope emervency food component.

In 2008, 10  faith-based and community organizations, formed the collaboration now known as the Storehouse of Hope.  Established as a client’s choice food pantry, the Storehouse of Hope currently serves nearly 4,000 North End housesholds and has distributed nearly one million pounds of food.  Greater Woodward CDC is proud to be one of the members of this collaborative.

2010-2011 Funders, Patnerships and Collaborations

We especially thank our funders, partners and collaborations: Gleaner’s Food Bank of Southeast Michigan, Skillman Foundation, the Kresge Foundation, United Way of Southeastern Michigan, Sugar Law Center for Social and Economic Justice, Sierra Club, the Detroit Food Justice Task Force, Central Woodward North End Alliance and the Capuchin Soup Kitchen of Detroit